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Vacant County Jobs -
  • Merit Deputy and/or Reserve Deputy Process Instructions
    Please click on the blue link above for additional information on the Merit Deputy and Reserve Deputy hiring process. You MUST return a Notice of Intent form into the Sheriff's Dept. by Oct. 13th at 3pm. No phone calls please.
09/25/2017 3
  • NOTICE OF INTENT FORM-Deputy and Reserve Deputy
    Please click on the blue link above for additional information. Applicants MUST return this form into the Sheriff's Department no later than Friday, October 13th at 3PM. No phone calls please.
09/25/2017 3
  • Application for General Employment
    Please follow the directions listed on the posting and submit a resume and/or application to the person listed as the contact. Note: ALL positions at the Sheriff's dept. require a special application that may be picked up at Shelby Co Sheriff's Dept.
12/15/2016 254
    If you are interested in applying for a position at the Sheriff's Department and/or Jail, please complete the application (blue link above) and drop it off at the Sheriff's Department 24/7. (Please include any supporting documentation.) Thank You
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12/15/2016 154
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Family Medical Leave
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Worker's Comp
  • First Injury Report
    To be submitted on all employee injuries that occur during working hours and/or on County work sites. Wage statement is only needed if you will miss 5 or more days of work.
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Employee Information
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